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Speaking and Motivation:

Coach Rick™ Kolster is an internationally known speaker, lecturer, motivator and business development coach. He works with companies to help them design a plan of action to increase productivity, become more effective and maximize profitability.  Through the process of strategic planning, organizational assessment and personnel development he helps achieve better business results and increase the bottom-line.

Coach Rick™  has worked with organizations in the US and Canada, as well as Mexico and Europe. He is well received by organizations of all sizes and people of vastly different levels of responsibilities, from C-level management to front line employees.

 With over 25 years of experience in all areas of management, sales and leadership, Coach Rick™  has become known as an expert in building teams, leading change, and developing managers into leaders. He works with organizations to improve the use of their internal assets and maximize the use of their individual potential. Coach Rick™ 's thinking style assists companies to recognize and shift their existing paradigms in order to solve stubborn problems and work through challenging situations. He understands the critical difference between "training sessions" and the true development of a company's most important assets – its People.

Keynote Topics

The Leadership formula for Success - ASK+G=PBC->IR    Using this formula can change the face of an organization and how you lead it. How can you use the formula for success for continued growth and improvement in your company?  Coach Rick shows you how to make it work.

Workplace Development - Progress creates challenge, and the challenge facing management today is developing an organization that can meet tomorrow's goals while continuing to meet the daily challenges of today. To balance these organizational demands, managers need a systematic approach to their jobs.

Leading Like Your Life Depends On It - The Power of Personal Leadership: “The greatest discovery of our generation is that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.”  William James

Leadership… Power or Authority - What is the difference?  How can you use your leadership skills to gain more power in your business, civic organization, church, or family? This is the KEY to success. 

SIX questions that will transform Your Life - Are you ready
to ask yourself, and challenge conventional thinking to improve?
A hard hitting presentation on how to change your thinking and improve your life. What is your purpose and how can you live to it? Learn how you can answer these tough questions and change your life. .


Become a Networking Phenomenon - Do you get “attacked” by people with "sales fangs" at every chamber or networking event begging you to do business with them? Are you one of those people? Learn how to use your network to expand your business opportunities.  It is networking not “netselling” that works.

Goal Setting and achievement - Are you ready to take the next step towards your personal and professional success?  Learn how to use goals as the foundation for future success. Coach Rick teaches you his proven WHYSMART method for goal setting and accomplishment.

Selling for non salespeople - Have you found that you are having to "sell" more every day?  Sell your self, your ideas, your boss.  Learn how over a 17 year career in sales and sales management, Coach Rick has helped make non-sales people in to sales superstars.  Everyone can benefit from this program. 

Time Strategies- Is there such a thing as time management?  Coach Rick says Time management an oxymoron! Learn about the 3 D’s and how to implement the most powerful simplistic ideas about time management.


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"The Bald Truth"

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"Vision is a necessity to achieve results & this program helps to direct us to formalize a vision for success."

Mary Ann B.

"The coaching process you shared with me has dramatically impacted me! The concepts we discussed are now a daily part of my thought process. I look at life through a whole new prism of optimism and focus as opposed to worry and chaos. I strongly recommend your coaching program to anyone who has a deep desire for success in all aspects of life!"

Enzo Marchese
Fine Properties